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Digital marketing and Design experts.

Craft Centennials is a digital marketing agency based in Johannesburg, dedicated to deliver results, with expertise in Web Design, Search Engine Optomisation, graphic design, e-mail marketing and social media management. We are keen to execute great work that will clinch your business goal and ultimately grow your business.




Strategy is a defining stage of the any marketing that is done by understanding the insights of the client’s challenges. Craft Centennials comes up with an effective approach that ensures brand strategies, marketing, stakeholder engagement and media investments all work at ideal level.



We first do your Audience research, Capture your target audience, Since consumer behavior varies by demographic, our planners are tasked to identifying which mediums will be the most effective for a particular campaign, What percentage of your campaign will be devoted to which types of buys, from display to search, and beyond? As planners we figure out which mediums will be the most effective to ensure the strongest results.


Influencer marketing is a special feeling for the audience to be up and close with their favorite persona, Craft Centennials caters the right candidates for influencer marketing again we keep in mind that this kind of marketing does not work for every campaign, our team looks deep if the influencer has the leverage to give the brand the kind of boost it really needs.


Web Analytics track and measure your website and those are the advantages of digital marketing. Craft Centennials helps you understand valuable insights that are extracted by our analysts using advance tools to help you make great decisions.


Your website is your essential marketing tool, a well-developed website makes it easy for the audience to interact with your brand. Our team of developers specialize in customizing your website to suit your business growth. Craft Centennials builds responsive websites that are easy to be viewed in any screens from Desktop to Tablets and smartphones.


Search Engines relay on the relevance and the quality of your website in order for them to rank your website higher when people search. SEO is marketing investment for your website and it propels your business growth. Craft Centennials helps your business to rank higher in google rankings whether is your google listing or website we will make sure that your SERP is always higher.



Email marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating; we help build a community of loyal customers, our team will also assist you get started and attain the results you actually want by connecting with your audience strategically.



Online shopping has turned the retail market into a tip of a finger. We understand online purchasing behavior we help you create an e commerce website that has a great user experience and the content that turns visitors into customers.


Social media platform sells your product to millions of online users, why not jump in and tag along to the conversation, our social media strategists understand the effect of social media at large and the role it plays in building strong relationship between the customer and the brand.



Mobile marketing is one of the biggest trends in marketing , as Craft Centennials we have ventured in the service with a few of our clients and the response was great, which also makes it easy for the client to see who their market is including the behavior.




User Experience

Making your website user journey easy for people to find everything that they want. Capturing visitors and turning them into customers. Craft centennials helps you build a website that connects your business goal to customer by creating easy to use websites that have higher SERP.


Video is the fastest way to engage with the audience online. People are on the move they want an easy and the fastest way to consume content. As Craft Centennials we come up with the content that helps you easily connect with the audience. Our creatives are capable in creating corporate videos and online videos.

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We’re currently looking to contract a junior/mid Web Designer & SEM Mananger  If you’re a passionate worker and think you have what it takes, send your resume/CV and details to Caft Centennials for all opportunities.

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